Keeping Orange County floors safe and clean for 60 years

With 60 years of business experience in the Orange County carpet-care industry, Coast Carpet Cleaning meets all your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stone cleaning, and tile & grout cleaning needs. Coast Carpet Cleaning has mandated customer service as our #1 priority. We understand and can offer what you want and deserve; we support this service with knowledge and continued education in health and related issues. At Coast Carpet Cleaning we offer the ABCs of carpet cleaning: Above-board; Budget-minded; Competency; Diplomatic; Efficient - and the highest level of Integrity.
steam cleaning carpet in a home

Certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration

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It’s more than just cleaning carpets, tile, hardwood and upholstery - it’s about partnering with a trusted Orange County company that makes these tasks enjoyable, easy, and memorable from start to finish. We value our customer’s time and want to make their investment of both time and money a choice they will feel good about making.


President and Owner of Coast Carpet Cleaning

Michael Simonsen

Cleaning Technician

Grant Maxwell

Cleaning Technician

Jacob Leonard

Cleaning Technician

Martin Marciulionis

Cleaning Technician

Pedro Tavares

Technician Assistant

Ethan Clary

Technician Assistant

Fineas Berindei

Technician Assistant

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