Carpet Cleaning

coast carpet cleaning for kids and dogs

Our approach to carpet cleaning focuses on getting all of the dirt and contaminants out of your carpet, leaving it fresh and appearing as new and clean as the day it was installed. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained in the latest cleaning practices and know the different types of fabric construction and how to care for and clean them.

Our services include pretreating heavily soiled areas and then steam cleaning with our professional steam cleaner.

  • Oriental rugs
  • Area Rugs
  • Deodorizing - for pet, smoke, and general odor control. These can be injected into the area of concern or put into the emulsifier solution and administered to all the carpets throughout your home.
  • Color Match - color problems arise from a vast number of different sources and reasons. Common reasons are cleaning chemicals, bleach, ozone gas fade, food dye stains, acne cream bleaching, sun bleaching or fading, cleaning products, insect sprays, furniture staining, mustard, pet stains, and the list goes on. Do not worry there is no need to buy new carpeting. Coast Carpet Cleaning has you covered.
  • Fiber Protectant/Soil Retardant - soil retardant is designed to repel dry soils and keep them from penetrating carpet or upholstery fibers. Proper carpet/upholstery preparation, dilution of chemical, and application are essential to obtaining the highest level of performance. Nothing will make a carpet bulletproof, but soil retardants offer extra protection. They are preventive and make maintenance more effective.

Results! Here is a before and after of a recent carpet cleaning:


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